Transform stock performance

Lower costs and increase control

Whatever the size of your operation, effective stock management is crucial. Reality Stock software has been developed by stock management specialists, enabling you to cut costs and increase control.



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Online software that saves you money, and time

The business advantages of a specialist stock management toolset

Reality Stock is a great value, easy to use and incredibly powerful online software toolset.

  • Simplify information entry & stock management

  • Instantly assess your stock position & theoretical balances

  • Easily keep tabs on suppliers

  • Raise profitability using focused pricing strategies

  • Track transactions & improve record accuracy


aq_block_1-Day-to-day tasks made easy

Day-to-day tasks
made easy

Reality provides all the stock functionality you need to support robust and efficient operations.

Manage  |  Analyse  |  Identify  |  Review
aq_block_1-Clear reports (Finance love Reality, too)

Clear reports
(Finance love Reality, too)

With clear, easy to produce summary reports, Reality Stock improves business visibility and understanding.

Sense check data  |  Close your accounts fast
aq_block_1-Better commercial effectiveness

Commercial agility

Reality ensures accurate, real time information: import & export data, produce variance reports and investigate issues.

Share & investigate data  |  Run effective promotions  |  Gain business agility

How much can it save you?

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Reality: save £1,200 per site, per year

For a business incurring typical annual audit and stocktaking fees of £3,000, Reality Stock could easily deliver a £1,200 saving. This is based on our Silver tier online software package, with additional quarterly site visits by one of our stock management specialists.

Choose your monthly subscription package

Online stock management toolset: the right option for you.

Reality Stock is provided on a monthly subscription basis. With Gold, Silver and Bronze tiered service levels, you choose the best approach for your operation.

Online access and user support can be augmented with remote or on-site audits, carried out by our experts. A series of additional on-site support services are available on request.