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Reality: save £1,200 per site, per year

For a business incurring typical annual audit and stocktaking fees of £3,000, Reality Stock could easily deliver a £1,200 saving. This is based on our Silver tier online software package, with additional quarterly site visits by one of our stock management specialists.


Reduce physical stock audits

Monthly external stock audits are a costly necessity. With Reality Stock, the frequency of these visits can be drastically reduced.

Our remote stock audit service gives you the reassurance of having our experts check your monthly data on Reality Stock before you close it out. Physical audits are needed much less frequently, saving you valuable time and money. And when external audits are called for, our experts are available to help*.

*Site visits by our experts can be commissioned at additional cost, if they are not included in your chosen monthly subscription package.

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Expert stock audit and business review visits

With Reality Stock, your business can radically reduce costs and increase operational control. You’ll need less frequent stock audit visits, but when they are required, our experts can help. Our on-site stock audit and business review services help you accelerate business profitability and growth, covering:

  • Key performance indicators
  • Opportunities for profit growth
  • Cash handling procedures
  • Security practices
  • Product display effectiveness
  • Stockholding levels
  • General business performance