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Capcon gives clients easy access to a joined-up range of specialist corporate services spanning audit & stocktaking, reporting & data analysis, employee screening, payroll and corporate due diligence

Capcon Reality

Managing risk, securing regulatory compliance and raising operational efficiency is vital to the profitability of every leisure or retail based business. Capcon Reality provides the perspective and specialist corporate services that ensure you achieve this.

Our services go beyond protecting profit – in many cases they contribute to margin growth by eliminating waste or malpractice, increasing margins and raising service standards and sales.

Capcon also shields your business from litigation and secures continued shareholder confidence. We do this by putting processes and procedures in place for you quickly and efficiently, ensuring ethical operational and financial practice.

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Reality Audit

Business involves a variety of risks. But how do you identify, assess and prioritise them for attention? Capcon brings unique expertise and insight to these issues.

Reality Stock

Whatever the size of your operation, effective stock management is crucial. Reality Stock software has been developed by stock management specialists, enabling you to cut costs and increase control.

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Reality Solutions

Reality Solutions provides easy access to a suite of tools to easily view and interrogate your data from anywhere in the world via a secure internet platform.

Reality Check

Reality Check offers a range of screening packages to suit all requirements. Starting with our Base Level, through to our high-level bespoke screening, which provides a thorough, in-depth vetting service.

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