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Reality Audit

Managing Risk & Growing Profit

Managing risk, securing regulatory compliance and raising operational efficiency is vital to the profitability of every leisure or retail based business. Capcon Reality provides the perspective and specialist corporate services that ensure you achieve this

Our services go beyond protecting profit – in many cases they contribute to margin growth by eliminating waste or malpractice, increasing margins and raising service standards and sales.

Capcon also shields your business from litigation and secures continued shareholder confidence. We do this by putting processes and procedures in place for you quickly and efficiently, ensuring ethical operational and financial practice..

Maximise Profit

Like every business, you need to maximise profits. To achieve this, your business strategy has to be supported by rigorous and secure operating systems. You also need to give your shareholders the assurance of knowing that their interests are fully safeguarded.

Capcon’s services go beyond protecting profit – in many cases they contribute to actual profit growth by eliminating waste or malpractice, increasing margins and raising service standards and sales.

Enlightened businesses know that even a 0.5% increase in their bottom line as a result of our involvement will more than cover the service cost. In fact Capcon has recently helped a hotel chain increase profit by 2%, demonstrating the real value we bring to our clients.


Minimise Risk

Whether you have a specific concern or simply want to ensure that general business risk is effectively managed, Capcon’s expertise in this field is second to none. Used on a regular basis, our services bring a systematic and proactive approach that delivers confidence to all your key stakeholders.

We recommend a rigorous risk management strategy – not restricted to areas where you may already have identified a risk. As a result, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all key risks are identified and addressed, reducing future exposure.

We have worked closely with a major provider of motorway services in developing a robust audit model that covers all of the key controls across their business. This has provided them with the confidence that potential risk is regularly evaluated and enables a pro-active approach.


Drive Sales

Capcon helps your business raise performance on many fronts; numerous operational standards can be improved and profit margins maximised – through better stock management procedures, for instance. But our input can also help you actually increase sales revenue.

We provide business critical analysis that measures performance and quantifies the potential for sales improvement, helping you to identify and evaluate opportunities.

As a simple example of what can be achieved, we typically see a doubling of upsell rates upon introduction of a new reward scheme. Increasing revenue is about more than customer spend though. Nurturing repeat business is crucial too, so our techniques ensure that staff reward programmes don’t result in customers feeling pressured.


Improve Skills

Using our sector expertise, knowledge of common challenges and best practice, and insights on your business, we deliver valuable management support. Together with our focused, results oriented training provision, this helps you get the best out of your teams.

For example, when relevant we conclude operational site visits with a meeting with all appropriate managers, sharing our findings and agreeing an action plan there and then. Following this visit, completion of the action plan by each team member is measured. Involving site teams in this way is a proven way of significantly and quickly raising performance.


Stock taking

Effective stock control impacts everything from customer satisfaction to efficiency and profit margins. Capcon brings extensive expertise to this process, with specialist knowledge across liquor, food, leisure and retail based operations.

By involving us in your stocktaking, you gain information and valuable insights on a range of key performance indicators, including gross margin by product, purchase details and cost prices, adherence to stocking policy and more.

The effective management of central storage areas is essential, and we can review these, too. We’ll immediately highlight any issues that could impact local stock results. The systems and reporting that Capcon introduces deliver an unparalleled degree of stock transparency and control.

Our easy to use Electronic Cellar Management System provides new levels of stock transfer control, with up-to-date theoretical balances. It allows any authorised user to go in, run a report and check cellar stock.

Capcon’s stocktaking services help you to maximise accuracy, improve supplier negotiations, highlight variances, reveal profitability and use tactical promotions.


Business involves a variety of risks. But how do you identify, assess and prioritise them for attention? And what action should you take? Capcon brings unique expertise and insight to these issues.

We begin by carrying out an objective review of your operations and risk factors. Then we work with you to weight the risks, building a bespoke performance assessment model.

Our service helps you target management time and resources highly effectively. And whilst Capcon’s methods are sophisticated, we make sure the data analysis is concise, relevant and clear. We specifically tailor reports for different users, then work with your line and unit management teams to create real world action plans.

Optional regular performance reviews help you to prevent problems from arising and ensure you have full visibility of key issues.

Risk Management

We can support you with specialist audits on aspects of your business such as regulation compliance and brand protection. Capcon brings independence, in-depth sector knowledge and unique auditing expertise to the table.

Whether you would like us to look at revenue control, banking, health & safety, IT controls, food hygiene, employment records, spirit testing or any combination of these, we can build an audit model to suit.

Partnering with Capcon frees your team to concentrate on core business strategy. We pick-up issues proactively and report them by exception, making key information immediately available in the most suitable, easily accessible formats for your users.

Our audits are independent and clearly structured, ensuring a consistent and highly professional approach that helps you to manage your team’s performance confidently and objectively.

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